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Managed care housing

Managed care housing
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Managed care housing
Lichterfelder Ring
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Project management and monitoring
for private and institutional investors
The requirements for the investor increase when the project volume grows. The technical, legal, economical and financial aspects of the construction need to be coordinated, controlled and monitored.

The different practical constraints of the sub areas and the special demands of the tenants, banks, civil authorities and architectural planners have to be coordinated. A smooth project development has to be assured. For this a high degree of experience and expert knowledge is required. Due to the increasing complexity of constructing a building many principals hand their projects over to external project managers who provide them with coordination, information and control services.

Services of the project management:
Clarification of the project description, the aims and the ensuring
development of project planning
Recording of all functional requirements and adjustments with all
members of the project
Coverage of the square footage efficiency
Clarification of conditions for the assignment of specialized planners,
architects and engineers
Creating and monitoring time schedules relating to the project and all
involved persons
General plan
Creating an overall plan for all necessary planning activities and
Creating a detailed schedule for planning and calling for tenders,
controlling deadlines and provisional deadlines
Supervising meetings with the principal and involved persons
Scheduling the building construction and reevaluating the construction
Cost management and control
Creating and controlling of payment plans
Monitoring calls for tenders and coordinating cooperation between
architects, planners and if necessary tenants
Organization of the approval process and coordination of meetings
(site meeting, taking minutes, correspondence)
Updating the schedules and solving problems when there are conflicts
of interrest
Continuing briefing  about the development process
Checking contracts with the companies in charge, fee invoices as well
as contracts and insurances
Closing statement

Since 1996 the Nietschmann group, as a project manager, has been in charge of an investment volume of more than € 50 million.

Our longtime experience in property management and retail developments have given us in particular a remarkable know how in quality assurance and cost savings.

Our investors and clients like closed-end real estate funds, sophisticated private investors, who want to have a strong partner at their side for the realization of their construction projects haven chosen us again over time.